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Dem boys know wha wrang wid de country. Everybody want lead and nobody don’t want follow. Everybody want sit down and give instructions and nobody don’t want wuk.That is why so many people trying to be presidential candidate. Dem boys seh that Bharrat mek de job nice,Cheap China Jerseys. He mek dem realize that dem can tour de world at other people expense. He also mek dem realize that he don’t need money,Wholesale Basketball Jerseys. He can go to any night spot and order something and don’t pay because de night spot owner feel that he gun get blessings from de state if he look after de head of state,Wholesale Jerseys USA.De man don’t need money at all and dem boys seh that even after he lef office he don’t need money. But he don’t think suh.Dem boys seh that if de government change nuff people gun cry because de new president gun change de currency.Two things gun happen. All who hide dem money gun have to bring it out suh people gun know who got what. Nuff thieves gun get ketch,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping.Dem boys seh that all who shame fuh bring out dem money gun suffer big losses.But sometimes life at de top got problems. All de money people collect can disappear,Cheap NFL Jerseys 2018. That is why Bharrat seh wha he had to seh at Babu Jaan. He begging he supporters,Cheap Jerseys China. He even get some of dem boys to spend money to keep de connection.And Kwame collecting. He telling Bharrat that he got to pay dem boys fuh attack certain people.Talk half. Lef half.

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