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作者: yueyrt1Zor    時間: 4 天前 21:10     標題: NFL Jerseys China Cheap while also making a call for more books

Banks DIH Limited has donated several books to the newly commissioned Stanleytown library in New Amsterdam. The presentation was done at a simple ceremony held at the Library’s office at Lot 39 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam,Wholesale Jerseys USA, Berbice.Training manager of the beverage company,Cheap Jerseys, Henry Lewis, himself a Berbician, described the occasion as a nostalgic moment for him in that it also gave him the opportunity to make a contribution to the town’s development. Banks DIH, he said, views the contribution as part of its social and corporate responsibility and its policy of giving back to the community from which it garners a lot of support.Speaking about the donation of the books Lewis noted that the company was providing books to its staff in an effort to encourage them to read when the Berbice branch manager, Mr. Reginald Matthews, made representation on behalf of the library for some books.He said that the request was timely in that the company was in the process of establishing a library at its Thirst Park headquarters and so he has been begging for books.“I begged to the extent that I got 250 cartoons of books,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, and I knew right away that it was in excess of that which I could have used.” So the donation for Berbice came in handy.In accepting the gifts,Wholesale Jerseys China, retired headmaster and member of the Board of Management of the Library, Bertie Carter thanked Banks DIH for coming on board with such a timely donation. In assisting in such an area of the library and reading,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, the company is showing their all-round patriotism and true cooperativeness. Carter noted that the library which was established in February 2011 with one room and 1200 books has grown and now has two rooms with over 12,000 books. According to Carter,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, they have been doing satisfactory since its establishment with over 400 members most of them school children. The retired educationist, while also making a call for more books, appealed for other business entities to come on board and assist.The library was founded by re-migrant Sidney Taite, who returned to his homeland after several years overseas. It is being run by volunteers while several businesses within the town assist by paying for electricity and rental of the buildingThe library also has a number of computers and provides information technology classes even during the August holidays.Also in attendance was Banks DIH Limited Berbice sales manager Joshua Torrezao.

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