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One day after successfully undergoing a kidney transplant, 47-year-old retired Major Winston George, and the donor, his 25-year-old daughter Melissa George, an Immigration Officer, are said to be doing well.Retired Major, Winston GeorgeGeorge’s wife, Loraine George, told this newspaper that both her husband and daughter are doing well and are resting comfortably. Both the Georges, up to yesterday evening, remained hospitalized in the Georgetown Public Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, where they are being closely monitored.According to Mrs. George,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, since the surgery,Nike NFL Jerseys China, her daughter has been in good shape,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, and as of yesterday midday, her husband started showing signs of recovery.“When I went to see him, he was giving me the thumbs-up, indicating that he was doing well…He even blew me a kiss. He is recognizing people and trying to communicate with people by signs,” Mrs. George said.She said that now that the worst part, in her mind, is over,NFL Cheap Jerseys China, she is just hoping for a speedy recovery for both her daughter and husband.Fighting to hold back tears, Mrs. George said she is excited more so for her children. “This now means that my children would have a few more years with their father,” Mrs. George said.She recalled when her husband was being treated, her youngest son, after seeing tubes inserted in his father’s chest,Wholesale Jerseys Online, said that he wanted a new daddy.She said she is awaiting a report from the doctor on her husband and daughter’s condition, and can’t wait for them to return home.She added that she knows it would be difficult caring for her husband after he would have been discharged from the hospital, but she is prepared to take on that task.Melissa GeorgeThe surgery, which is said to be the second to be preformed locally, was done on Sunday and was completed in record time at the Georgetown Hospital.The surgery was done by Dr Rahul Jindal, who was aided by his overseas team.The lead surgeon kicked the operation into motion at 08:00 hours, and was able to wrap up the complex procedure at 14:00 hours.It was initially anticipated that the transplant, which constitutes two surgeries being conducted simultaneously, would have been completed at around 15:00 hours.And this development may have resulted from the fact that Dr Jindal and his team were more comfortable in the local theatre this time around than last year, when they conducted the first transplant. In that instance, 18-year-old Munesh Mangal, of Lusignan,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, East Coast Demerara was the recipient of a kidney from his 41-year-old mother, Leelkumarie Nirananjan Mangal.Both Mangals are said to be leading normal lives.

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