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標題: NHL Jerseys From China of No.43 Village Corentyne [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1Zor    時間: 2017-11-14 18:57     標題: NHL Jerseys From China of No.43 Village Corentyne

One more road accident claimed the life of another Berbician, yesterday. Speed and carelessness were said to be the cause.Dead is Vidwattie Persaud, called “Bedoo”,Cheap Jerseys From China, 42, of No.43 Village Corentyne, Berbice. The woman was a passengerVidwattie Persaudin a minibus that collided with another on the No 63 route around 10:30 hrs on the Wellington Park Public road Corentyne,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Berbice, in the vicinity of the Wellington Park Primary School.  Nine other persons were injured in the accident, including a one-year-old baby.According to reports the accident involved minibus BSS 2229 which was proceeding towards Skeldon and minibus BRR 6403 which was proceeding towards New Amsterdam.The driver of minibus BRR 6403 upon approaching the Wellington Park Primary School pulled across the road to drop off a passenger at the school. The other bus was coming with terrific speed and had just overtaken a truck around the turn,China NFL Jerseys, when he saw the bus he applied brakes, but could not avoid the collision.Minibus BSS 2229 ended in a drain with its eight passengers. All were injured.  Persaud,Cheap Jerseys From China, who suffered multiple injuries,China Jerseys Cheap, including fractures to her arms and legs, was rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital.She was being transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital when she died.Persaud leaves to mourn her husband, two daughters and son along with her siblings and other relatives.A post mortem examination is expected to be performed shortly as investigations continue.One-year-old Malika Lewis and her mother Odessa Kadaroo,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, were seriously injured with lacerations and fractures to various parts of their bodies. Malika sustained a laceration to her left eye which she is in danger of losing.  They are hospitalized in the New Amsterdam Hospital.One of the minibus that was involved in the accident.Driver of minibus BSS 2229, Trellon Archibald, is also a patient in the New Amsterdam hospital. The others were treated and sent away.Two passengers in BRR6403 which pulled across the road were injured. Dhanmattie Sahid is a patient in the Georgetown Public Hospital while conductor Budram Sahadeo was treated at the New Amsterdam Hospital and sent away.The driver of BRR 6403 is in police custody assisting with investigations.

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