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The police have arrested several persons, who raided Belle Vue, West Bank Demerara,Cheap Buffalo Bills Jerseys, earlier this week stealing sections of metal punts used as river defence structures.Regional and agricultural authorities yesterday expressed alarm at the developments and are calling on police to lay charges against the persons caught.From all indications, said Patrick Sugrim, a drainage and irrigation official from that area,Atlanta Falcons Jersey, the persons caught were scrap iron workers looking to make a quick buck.There are an estimated 30 punts lining the Belle Vue sea dam that were placed there since the 1970’s.The removal of any of the punts, used as revetments, could have disastrous implications to the West Bank area as already there are huge gaps visible in wood pilings lining the dam.Sections of punts which due to the high tide,Cheap Arizona Cardinals Hoodies, were almost covered,Clark Griswold Jersey, were seen to be missing.Sugrim disclosed that on Tuesday, around midday, residents saw several men in the area.The men used a mobile welding torch to cut into punts.However the police were called. Before they could have arrived a passing patrol was alerted and several men were detained in the area after being surrounded.A pickup and the welding torch were also taken away.Residents said that they were unclear whether charges have been laid since the men were released the same day.Yesterday, several strange persons were again seen “liming” in the area but left after they observed residents were paying attention to their activities.Yesterday,, Region Three Chairman,Atlanta Hawks Jerseys, Julius Faerber, confirmed that he was called to the area and expressed alarm at the damage. The official said he will be following up the matter with the police.There is a high incidence of damage to infrastructure as the demand for scrap iron grows on the international market.In Guyana, authorities had stopped the trade and both the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company and Guyana Power and Light Inc. have complained of a high incidence of vandalism.
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this remedied has not met with the success we desire. The money collected by the court,Air Max 97 Gold, over the years goes into the consolidated fund.”An average of fifteen matters directly related to the municipality engage the attention of a City Magistrate every week.While custodial sentences are the standard penalty
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because it is only by asking questions that they grow in knowledge.We also need to expose them to role models. I recall when I was a teenager how fascinated I was by the work of scientists and how they came upon the discoveries that changed the face of human history. One day,Cheap Football Jerseys, I was in the library and
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within its jurisdiction to oversee the management of the lotto funds.This is a position which was adhered to previously by Sharma,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, who said that he too is of the belief that the monies should,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, according to the Constitution,China Jerseys Cheap, be transferred to the nation’s coffers in the form of the Consolidated Fund.He
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and he accepted. Douglas was the reputed wife of the man accused of murdering Shafeek Bacchus,Wholesale Jerseys Store, who was killed a few months before George Bacchus.The caution statement also said that Reynolds was given a gun on June 23,Wholesale China Jerseys, which he hid at a Chinese restaurant in Garnett Street and retrieved the following

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