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作者: yueyrt1Zor    時間: 2018-4-16 09:42     標題: Cheap NHL Jerseys China Public Relations Officer

Expansion work on the Ogle International Airport’s runway is now expected to conclude this year-end. The most recent deadline was November 15.The $380M project began in August 2009 and was to have been completed within 18 months.The contractor, BK International,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, was unable to meet the original deadline,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, resulting in a new completion date of November 15.According to Sunil Ganesh,Cheap Jerseys, Bridge Engineer, Public Works Ministry,Cheap Jerseys China, the project includes the expansions of the runway in the westerly direction by 2,000 feet and by 200 feet in the eastern direction; and widening it to 100 feet. The new dimension of the runway will be 4,NFL Jerseys From China,200 feet in length and 100 feet in width.Kit Nascimento,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Public Relations Officer, stated that the major concrete works on the runway have been completed while the contractor is executing works on the shoulders and minor details such as painting remaining.He emphasised that the only reason for the extension beyond November into December is poor weather condition.When completed, the airport is expecting to accommodate international flights such as Liat Airlines.Nascimento asserted that having regular international flights virtually into the City will benefit the country tremendously. It will support businesses and the tourism industry. Tourists accessing flights into Ogle could transfer immediately into one of the flight services traveling into the various hinterland areas, where the tourism centres are.The expansion of the airport’s services may also see the removal of some residents. He asserted that some residents’ removal is not absolutely vital at this time but it will happen.Nascimento said that when the first phase of development started there was an arrangement with Government to re-site some nearby houses. The owners will be adequately compensated.

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