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…as facility celebrates firstThe Doobay Renal CentreOne year ago today,Wholesale China Jerseys, the Doobay Renal Centre opened its doors at 8-9 Courbane Park, Annandale, East Coast Demerara, offering a subsidized renal service to the public.  However, its not-for-profit operation will not be limited to renal service alone since according to Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Vickram Oditt,Cheap Jerseys From China Outlet, there are already plans in the pipeline to expand and include other healthcare services.“We are looking at our options right now and we are checking out cost and the availability of people for expansion. No sense we expand and we don’t have the doctors to run it. We are trying to get our plans finalised and by next month we will reveal details,” Oditt said yesterday.With a mission to provide affordable and quality healthcare,Sale NFL Jerseys, the Renal Centre opened its doors on September 15 last year. It has attended to some 60 patients suffering from renal failure.Renal failure is a medical condition in which the kidneys fail to adequately filter toxins and waste products from the blood.  This development often requires that patients undergo dialysis which is the artificial process of getting rid of waste and unwanted water from the blood.Dialysis may be used for people who have become ill and have acute kidney failure or for relatively stable patients who have permanently lost kidney function. About 25 individuals are currently accessing dialysis treatment at the Doobay Renal Centre, according to Oditt.Some patients, he said, are required to undergo this procedure twice a week while others must do so thrice weekly,Cheap NFL Jerseys, a state of affairs which depends on individual patient’s condition. Though he was unable to speak to the number of patients who have since died due to their prolonged sufferings, Oditt said that “there are some patients who developed complications and were admitted to the hospital and died.”He explained, too, that dialysis cannot work well alone. It is required that patients be very disciplined in their general lifestyles including diet, exercise and even fluid intake. He alluded to the two main factors that contribute to renal failure – diabetes and high blood pressure. “If persons control these things obviously they can live more healthy lives.”Oditt noted that while offering renal failure service is generally costly, the Doobay Renal Centre has continually been trying to reduce the cost per dialysis session. The initial cost was $24,000 but has since been reduced to $9,000.This Oditt attributed to the unwavering support mainly from overseas donors. “We don’t want to build a big bank account…The directors of this facility have achieved what we wanted to in life and our aim is just to help people and that is exactly what we are doing. We are hoping that we can cut cost per dialysis even further.”Mr Vickram OdittThe directors of the facility have started working in collaboration with Government, a move which should see materials utilised by the facility becoming available at a cheap cost. This will, by extension,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, serve to reduce the cost incurred by patients, Oditt said.Apart from the nursing and auxiliary staff, the facility receives the expert service of nephrologists and other health personnel from the McMaster University Medical Centre in Canada.  These experts, according to Oditt, usually visit the East Coast facility every two months.Currently Dr Azim Gangji of the Nephrology and Transplant Division of the same Canadian facility is in Guyana where he is setting the tone for proposed transplant operations in the near future.Transplant operations are expected to be undertaken, once more, at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). The GPHC has been the recipient of donated equipment from the Doobay Renal Centre to facilitate the creation of a dialysis centre.The overseas experts will facilitate the transplant, according to Oditt, who noted, “We consult with these experts all the time because there are currently no qualified nephrologists in Guyana, so we need to work with people who are experts in the field.”Premised on the fundamental principle to give back to the society, the Doobay Renal Centre, which is named in honour of its visionary, Dr Budhendra Doobay, was built with monies acquired primarily through fundraising activities in Canada,Cheap MLB Jerseys Authentic, the United States and locally, as well as through donations.Dr Doobay, an eminent Vascular Surgeon at the Hamilton and Niagara hospitals in Canada, had migrated some years ago with his family. He is regarded as the only non-white to have been the recipient of the Queen’s Golden and Diamond Jubilee medals and is said to be well honoured and respected in Canada.He currently heads an organisation in Canada called the Vishnu Mandir through which much of the capital finances for the Renal Centre are derived.The East Coast location was used mainly because a plot of land was donated by Dr Doobay and because “we feel strongly that we should provide services outside of Georgetown. People appreciate the fact that we are at a central East Coast Demerara location,” Oditt said. An adjoining lot has since been acquired by the directors of the facility in order to facilitate expansion plans.

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