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作者: yueyrt1Zor    時間: 2018-2-13 18:05     標題: China Jerseys Free Shipping If you do not stand up for something

Hey you! Yes, you, our valued readers! Please do not miss our forthcoming series about how Guyana has been parceled out and handed out to friends and cronies of former President Jagdeo.Most of you who have been following the news and features in this newspaper may have an idea of the rampant corruption,Cheap Jerseys From China, nepotism and cronyism that characterized the second term of the Jagdeo administration. What you may not appreciate is how almost every major developmental decision was tied to the personal and selfish interests of Jagdeo and his friends; how the national interest became subservient to that avaricious class of friends and cohorts; how one deal was linked to another and how today what we have is an economy that is in the control of a small band of powerful individuals with strong ties to the then Jagdeo administration.In this series,Adidas Hockey Jerseys Cheap, we will show you how Guyana has been stolen from right under your noses, how political power has been used to feed the appetite of a grouping that is now firmly in command of the economy of Guyana, how major projects are all part of efforts to plunder the wealth of the country to enrich a few at the expense of many.We will also establish how certain foreign companies fit into this scheme of things. In short,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, we will connect the dots for you.We are doing this because we believe that what has taken place under the Jagdeo administration was morally depraved and should not be repeated again in this country. Unless we expose how political power and political office were used for profiteering and personal enrichment, we risk making the same mistakes under the present and any future administration.If the period 2006-2011 has taught us anything, it is that we must now be circumspect with major policy initiatives, because what looks like icing on the cake may be poisoned with the dart of deception. The blatant exercise of cronyism must not be allowed to repeat itself again in this country, whatever little may be left of it, following the rampage of recent years.Kaieteur News is well aware of the risks involved in publishing this series. We can predict the harsh reaction from vested interests,Wholesale Jerseys China, but we believe that we have a sacred duty to publish this series because as our publisher, Glenn Lall,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, has so often reminded,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, ‘If you do not stand up for something, you will fall for anything’.Starting this Sunday we will take a stand for the future of you and your children. Please support us by reading this series.Dear Reader, For an enlarged view of ‘The Marriott Puzzle’ image above, check the online paper on the home page – pg 10.Also, if you are in possession of any useful information please forward same to us via comments below.

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